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America is also known as "the land of opportunity," a place where every citizen is treated equally, and everyone is given the means and chance to succeed, achieve things, etc. But does America is still worthy of this reputation? It needs a little attention, and we guess it’s time we replace the word "the" with "a." America is still "a" land of opportunity but no longer the land of opportunity. Many other countries have caught up or even exceeded the opportunities (in qualitative and quantitative terms) they offer to their residents.  Opportunities to the middle class, well-paying secure jobs, growth environment, a stimulus for entrepreneurs, etc.

Entrepreneurs are constantly searching for the next big thing, but rules, regulations, taxes, bureaucracy, etc., make the already arduous journey unbearable. A parent dreams for an anti-corrupt and happy living environment for their family, but a state in which division between rich and poor is extreme, gun violence is on par with a war zone, children are being subject to sexual abuse, kidnapping, sex trafficking, school arrests, etc. we firmly believe that this meritocracy has disrupted the ideal living environment and growth of children.

Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust, are on a mission to empower the culture of growth and freedom to the public by allowing them to participate in our new project, the Blockchain DigitalCity. An exclusive tax-exempt (business) community development on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic; Where entrepreneurs and parents from across the world can grow as individuals and even lead a happy, healthy, wealthy, and prosperous life for their children.


Every place on earth has its pros and cons, but in recent times, cons have exceeded the pros in the case of the United States.


1.) Violent crimes and corruption in the US are at the worst levels in almost a decade.

According to the recent transparency reports, the US fell to a low of 67 points (out of a score of 100) from 76 in 2015. Lower the score = worse the corruption

America has the highest prison population and is the only country that arrests children as young as five years old for throwing petty temper tantrums at school.

2.) Affordability of health care 

The health care system, insurance, and drug procurement have been vulnerable to corruption and are among the most significant problems most Americans face.


3.) Gun violence

Gun violence is on par with a war zone, and no stringent gun laws are being enacted.


4.) Racism

Racial discrimination in Americans is frustrating because of its widespread practice even in 2021. The recent BlackLivesMatter movement is proof of the extent of racial discrimination followed in the states


5.) Economic inequality

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer." It might be the shortest way to explain the financial inequality prevailing in America.

According to the Census Bureau, in September 2019, the United States had reached its highest level in 50 years.

Expensive healthcare, high taxes (individual and corporate), costly education, inappropriate public welfare, and infrastructure spending, turmoiled political situation are some of the significant reasons for widening the income gap.


6.) Unemployment

The labor market of the US is deteriorating, and the gap between demand and supply of jobs has worsened since the covid19 pandemic. The unemployment rate remained well above the pre-crisis level of about 3.5 percent.


7.) Work ethics

Cut-throat competition in any collar (working class) is extreme. Although people are the asset of American land and are very optimistic, they lack work ethics or a better rephrase “race to the top” can sometimes include unethical means.


8.) Condition of infrastructure and Quality of public k-12 schools


9.) Illegal immigration, which is ENABLED by a totally corrupted Biden administration, allowing thousands of illegal, criminal immigrants to enter the USA, without any background checks. Once in the USA, the same illegal immigrants, are very often identified as child sex offenders, child murderers or rapists etc. This does not make the USA a safe place to raise your children, where an illegal immigrant has more rights than any law abiding U.S. citizen and his loved ones.


There are "n" number of benefits of living in the Dominican Republic concerning both entrepreneurs and budding family men.


A few of the many are shared below:

1.) Tax-free location

The Dominican Republic is a Tax Haven for individuals and companies who earn outside the country because of its Territorial tax system.

2.) Residence permit for you and your family

3.) Second Passport and citizenship for you and your family

You can get your Passport after two years of residing in the Dominican Republic.


4.) Access To Global Markets

Ease of connectivity is a perk that benefits an entrepreneur and helps children have the right environment of healthy competition and growth, stimulating their minds to perform better. As the quote says, "you become what you surround yourself with."


5.) Livability

There are 100's of facts that make the livability of the Dominican Republic better than most of the developed countries in the world.

  1. Easy to immigrate,

  2. low cost of living (affordable),

  3. Pleasant weather and beautiful scenery,

  4. good healthcare,

  5. welcoming community,

  6. real estate is of good value,

  7. easy to obtain citizenship,

  8. favorable business environment,

  9. the stable economic and political situation, etc.



Suppose you've read till the bottom of this article. In that case, you do know the problems of living a fast-paced life in North America, Europe, or any other developed country and realize the dire need for a better alternative for you or your whole family. With over 30 years of experience, our management team has been taking care of its client and aiding them with proper tools and guidance for growth in the financial space by providing services like establishing cryptocurrency exchanges, setting up Investment banks, offshore banks, licensed investment funds, and much more.

And now, to extend our services for the good of people,  Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust is building a tax-exempt executive community in the Caribbean, in the oceanfront city of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. A place you can call home.

If you are interested in being a proud oven on an exclusive villa and having a prosperous environment for your family. 

If you are ready to become a proud owner of an Executive Villa and are opportunistic to grab this golden ticket to the Dominican Republic, Contact us today for a confidential consultation; our experts will assist you within 24 hours.

Tel. No:            +1-587-430-2692


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