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“Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust: Spearheading Digital Banking and Card Issuing Revolution”

Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, is a pioneering force in the blockchain and financial industries. With over three decades of experience, Schurmann's visionary leadership has established new paradigms in banking and financial services, leveraging blockchain technology to offer secure, efficient, and innovative solutions. His dedication to empowering businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide sets him apart as a leader and innovator.

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust Leads in White Label Digital Banking and Card Issuing

Press Release:

Under the visionary leadership of Stephan Schurmann, CEO, Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust is redefining the financial industry with its groundbreaking white-label digital banking and card issuing program. This initiative offers an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to deliver personalized payment services, enhancing brand loyalty and customer engagement.

Revolutionizing Payment SolutionsIn today’s competitive financial landscape, our platform stands apart by enabling businesses to incorporate their branding, logo, and unique features into a comprehensive financial product. This innovation, spearheaded by Schurmann, offers a seamless blend of branding and functionality, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Unveiling a Turnkey Banking Opportunity

With an initial investment of just $49,000, entrepreneurs gain access to a turnkey investment bank or fund, including an online banking platform, API keys, and a private label Visa® and MasterCard® program, ready within 24 hours. This offering represents a rapid entry into financial services, democratizing access to the banking sector.

Flexible Payment Terms

Our lease-to-own option, requiring just $25,000 down with the balance spread over 24 months at $1,000 per month, provides an accessible pathway to leadership in the financial industry with minimal upfront investment.

Benefits of White Label Banking & Card Issuing

  1. Ease of Implementation: Allows businesses to offer custom payment solutions without the complexity of developing technology from scratch.

  2. Brand Loyalty and Engagement: Personalized banking platforms and card programs deepen customer relationships.

  3. Additional Revenue Streams: Participating businesses benefit financially from sharing in the transaction fee revenue.

Innovative Collaboration

Partnering with Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, businesses embark on a journey of financial innovation, marrying their brand identity with cutting-edge banking solutions. This collaboration, envisioned by Stephan Schurmann, transcends traditional banking services, offering a unique blend of personalization and efficiency.

Embrace the Future of Banking

Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust, a testament to Schurmann’s commitment to innovation, invites you to a world of secure, transparent, and borderless banking. Experience the advantages of blockchain technology, including swift transactions and unparalleled security.

Join the Financial Evolution

Step into the future with Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, where the fusion of traditional banking with blockchain innovation is changing the financial landscape. Establish your own bank today or select from our portfolio of ready-made investment banks and trusts.

Experience Our Services Firsthand

Discover the features and benefits of our Visa and MasterCard program by signing up at Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust. Witness firsthand the revolution Stephan Schurmann is leading in digital banking and card issuing.

Closing Remarks

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, under the guidance of Stephan Schurmann, is at the forefront of financial service innovation. Schurmann’s vision is reshaping the way businesses connect with their customers, offering unique and transformative financial solutions.

About Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust

Founded by Stephan Schurmann, Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust stands as a beacon of innovation in the financial industry. Specializing in white label digital banking and custom card issuing programs, we empower businesses with blockchain-based financial solutions. Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to deliver unparalleled services to our clients, revolutionizing the way they engage with their customers.

About Stephan Schurmann

Stephan Schurmann is the visionary CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority (BICRA) and Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, renowned for his expertise in the blockchain industry and his innovative approach to integrating blockchain technology into the financial, investment banking, and corporate sectors. His leadership in offering blockchain banks for sale, digital banking solutions, and investment banking services is unparalleled.

Schurmann, a German serial entrepreneur with over 34 years of experience in offshore banking, digital banking, investment banking, and fintech, has dedicated his career to empowering entrepreneurs worldwide. He is at the forefront of providing investment banks for sale, establishing boutique investment banks for clients across the world, and leading the charge in venture capital trusts and fintech innovations.

His expertise in tax-efficient corporate solutions, gleaned from his journey through 85 countries, has positioned BICRA as a leader in blockchain-based corporate services. The company offers secure, transparent financial solutions for global entrepreneurs and stands out in the realms of investment banking firms and capital trusts.

Schurmann’s deep involvement in the blockchain sector extends to leading Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, where he has been instrumental in integrating blockchain into banking services, setting new standards for security, transparency, and efficiency in the financial industry, including the tokenization of Real World Assets (RWA’s). His vision encompasses the creation of a banking environment that embraces technological advancements while ensuring customer security and trust.

Beyond blockchain technology, Stephan Schurmann is a thought leader in digital transformation, corporate governance, and sustainable business practices. His commitment to innovation and ethical business practices are hallmarks of his leadership style, as he explores new horizons in technology and finance.

As a sought-after speaker and advisor, Schurmann regularly imparts his insights to international entrepreneurs and advisory boards. He is driven by a belief in the power of technology to create a more efficient, transparent, and equitable world. His writings reflect a deep understanding of blockchain technology and its implications for the future of various industries, making his work invaluable to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Under Schurmann’s strategic leadership, Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority and Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust continue to set industry benchmarks, cementing his status as a pioneer and innovator in the world of blockchain technology.


Stephan Schurmann – CEO

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust

Tel: +1-587-430-2692

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